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Project 7 Security Group is a full spectrum, global risk management and mitigation consultancy that combines advanced technologies with real world experience to deliver a broad range of personnel, intellectual, and physical security solutions to protect the modern enterprise.. We are uniquely qualified to address the full spectrum security challenges on a global scale – from your most critical corporate assets to families on vacation, executives on business abroad, a high profile public individual touring the globe, or government contractors promoting American interests in foreign countries.


A Modern Consultancy for Modern Risk Mitigation

As a matter of good business practice, we thoroughly vet and hire only the most skilled personnel who bring an extremely dynamic combination of training and expertise to the protective environment. Our security professionals are culled from some of the US militaries most highly skilled special operations forces, large city municipal police departments and experts in the civilian executive protection fields. This unique mix of talent allows Project 7 Security Group to tailor our protective models to meet our customer’s needs anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. 


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In the face of rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain global conditions, Project 7 Security Group delivers clear and actionable insights to address the most critical security challenges, manage, and protect the operations, reputation, and financial stability of the most recognized brands in global industry.

Our force-ready experience and worldwide capacity for rapid response and deployment enables us to align people, processes, and policies to protect and secure your most critical assets from the threat of both natural and man-made disaster, dispersed among the most culturally dynamic and politically charged places on earth.

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Dedicated to maintaining your peace of mind.

The terror attacks of 9/11 fundamentally altered the landscape of global threat. The world has changed; the new normal is constant exposure to uncertainty and risk. Our collective experience in combat leadership, law enforcement, military intelligence, and asymmetric risk mitigation informs and underpins our ability to optimize operational safety and organizational stability.

Project 7 Security Group provides top-notch security, fire, and medical services designed to safeguard your facility, properties, personnel, visitors, and operations from harm. Whether the danger is man-made or natural, we are prepared, ready, and able to respond to any situation that threatens the well-being of the those you hold most dear.

Our responsibilities include enforcing state and federal laws and administrative regulations, providing emergency medical care, fire and rescue services, and providing an appropriate incident response to any situation.

We provide specialized service to clients on a local, national and international basis. If you require services for your unique industry needs, we have the expertise to assist.  

Project 7 Security Group is headquartered in Eastvale, California, less than one hour northeast of Los Angeles.


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